MDO Medical Forms

Medondo AG
40+ employees
Involved Team
2 Designers
1 Product Manager
9 Developers
My Role(s)
Lead Analysis
Concept & Design
Project Duration
Oct 20 – June 21

Introduction: Streamlining Patient Data Collection and Integration

A comprehensive and current patient health database is pivotal for effective treatment. Leveraging this data can guide medical interventions and optimize the balance between treatment efficacy and cost. However, the predominantly paper-based and chaotic administrative processes often hinder practices from harnessing this data to its full potential, resulting in delays and a subpar patient experience.

My role in the project

I was one of 2 remote working interface designers on the project and had the design lead. We worked together with 8 Devs and 1 PM on this project.

I took over the lead in research and design on this project, to define together with the Product Management: what is the MVP at it's very core, where and how can we research for the needed information and what are the milestones and deadline on our way from analysis to finished product.

Challenge 1 – Defining the MVP

The first step was determining the essential features for a minimal viable product (MVP). With some practices handling patient data collection over 50 times daily, the importance of getting the MVP's scope right was paramount. This data collection process impacts every subsequent stage, notably invoicing and specialized treatment steps, making a well-defined MVP crucial.

Challenge 2 – Standardizing Data Collection

Patient data collection is varied, with practices adopting a multitude of formats ranging from paper forms (both structured and unstructured) to online tools. While online platforms like Typeform are prevalent, they might not be the most secure for sensitive patient information. Our challenge was creating a standardized, secure, and user-friendly method for diverse practices, each with its unique set of questions and preferences.

Challenge 3 – Seamless Integration

Ensuring that the Forms App harmoniously merged with the broader Medondo tool suite was vital. It wasn't just about consistent naming conventions; the workflows and procedures in other tools had to remain uninterrupted and efficient.


Medondo's Forms App is an ambitious project geared towards transforming the way practices collect, manage, and use patient data. By addressing these challenges head-on, Medondo Forms offers a tool that not only enhances the patient experience but also makes sure to increase the operational efficiency of medical practices saving all of our precious time.

Implementation and Design-Token Logic