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Seeker Chronicles Website

University of Innsbruck
3 person project team
Involved Team
2 Designers
2 Product Managers
9 Developers
My Role(s)
Art Direction
Project Duration
June 21 – Feb 22
The companies vision
Seeker Chronicles aims to make science more tangible for a broader and younger audience. Therefore 3 PhDs of Physics joined forces to build a card game based on real science. The card game explains scientific concepts in a playful way, while being strategically challenging. Every card becomes it's own little article that explains the science behind a concept and why the card has it's powers in an entertaining way. At the same time this articles explain the gameplay and everything.
My part to make that vision coming true was
In multiple workshops I worked we went from first ideas to designable wireframes to structure information, create user storys and the main goals of the site. After that I took over the process of art direction and UI-design, working closely with the card illustrator to reuse designs and create a truly immersive experience. In the end I also developed and tested the website using the Webflow CMS.

The project / challenge

The overall goal was to communicate a very different messages within a very short amount of time – calculating with a low attention span of younger people that we aimed to target. Giving a glimpse of the scientific approach and the detailed informations to understand science while explaining and showing a card game – already on the home page. Like saying: look this is a fun card game, which even explains you super interesting scientific without you even thinking about it. But in a more visual way.

Because the core USP of the game is, that every card is based on one scientific concepts, I had to show familiar and unfamiliar elements, to make the user recognise certain elements (e.g. Black Hole Card, Isaac Newton and the earth floating in the background). At the same time I had to create interest for more unfamiliar concepts and the actual gameplay itself (rules, where to play, how to get started).

I tried to achieve that by creating an immersive, yet simple and minimal user experience on the website that tries to provide exactly that. This can be seen in the very first thing the user experiences: the abstraction of the core elements of the game experience transformed into a scrollable visual journey that then presents you what Seeker Chronicles is about and provides you with the most important CTAs in one view within being overwhelming.

To create this experience I mainly used visual elements from the game itself. On the one hand this contains things like the actual cards and illustrations. On the other hand, I integrated playful elements of the web like a special mouse courser and other micro-interactions, that make you want to discover not only the page but the game itself behind it. By that the using the website itself should already feel like playing a game.