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Medondo Forms App MVP

Medondo AG
40+ employees
Involved Team
2 Designers
2 Product Managers
9 Developers
My Role(s)
UI Design
Design System Management
Project Duration
Oct 20 – June 21
The companies vision
Medondo aims to reinvent the administrative process in the dental medicine sector for a smooth patient experience, making doctors able to cope with the biggest challenge to come within the next 10-20 years: taking care of an increasing amount of patients while having less time per patient and a further decreasing amount of doctors. Medondo's approach is to build a Saas tool suite including a Scheduler, Patient management and a lot more, which they sell in different monthly or yearly package plans.
My part to make that vision coming true was
I worked as a UX-Designer, working on a range of things including user-research, analysis, user-testing, doing workshops, concepts and of course working on the designs and the Medondo Design System. From then and now I also took over the role of a product manager to streamline the process of concept, design and hand-off.

The project / challenge

A key for a proper treatment is a high quality data base and an overview of the current health situation of every patient. Today – and in the future even more – these parts of the data will be used to monitor the status quo and to show possible next steps to optimize effectiveness and cost of a medical treatment.

In the current not so digitized real world, the administrative processes to reach and maintain this data are preventing and limiting the practices from making use of that data in a proper way. Furthermore this step in the practices cost a lot of time and pain in the patient user experience as well. This is mainly caused by the paper focused and often unorganised processes. With the Medondo Forms App the tool suite aims to create a faster and better way to ask for patient data, keeping it up to date later and syncing it with the rest of the tool suite.

The first challenge was the definition of a scope: what should the MVP contain? This inherits the challenge to create an application with an as small as possible amount of features which already had to deliver a productive and everyday usable application for a use case that occurred – in some practices – about 50+ times every day. Because this process step that is essential for the practice in every process step afterwards, especially the invoicing and special parts of a patient treatment, there was no room for a wrong MVP definition.

The second challenge was to gather the right data in the right way. Asking patient data is something that right now is asked in a lot of different ways in a lot of different formats. This can be a piece of paper with form fields, without form fields, manually and even online using tools like Typeform – which might not be the best places to ask for sensitive patient data. Every practice has its very own way of asking for data using with a lot of different questions.

The third challenge was to make the data and the whole application fits into the rest of the MDO tool suite. To make sure not only about naming but also about workflows in other parts of the tool suite – and how to not break them.

My Roles

I was one of 2 remote working interface designers on the project and had the design lead. We worked together with 8 Devs and 1 PM on this project.

I took over the lead in research and design on this project, to define together with the Product Management: what is the MVP at it's very core, where and how can we research for the needed information and what are the milestones and deadline on our way from analysis to finished product.